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28 May - 1 June 2018



Scandic Copenhagen
Vester Søgade 6
1601 Copenhagen V

Phone: +45 33 14 35 35


Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency
Danish Standards


Registration - meeting
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Registration - Town Hall Reception/dinner and accommodation booking
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Town Hall Reception address:
Copenhagen Town Hall
Rådhuspladsen 1
1599 Copenhagen


Go to registration for Town Hall Reception and dinner and accommodation booking (closed)

Visa Information

Please find the Danish Visa rules here


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Tourist information

To learn more about Copenhagen, please visit:


The currency in Denmark is Danish Kroner (DKK). One krone is divided into 100 Øre.

Danish coins you can find as in follows: 50 Øre (copper) 1 Krone, 2 Kroner, 5 Kroner (silver with a hole in the centre) 10 and 20 Kroner (brass)

Danish bank notes are: 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1.000 Kroner

Credit cards can be used in most shops/restaurants etc.

Shops are allowed to reject cash after 10pm.


In Denmark there is, like most other European countries, 220-volt AC, 50Hz current and two-pin continental plugs are used.


In emergency situation, please dial 112.


In Denmark, the mother tongue is Danish. In general Danes speak English very  well.


Denmark uses the metric system. Conversion of units:


Denmark has a smoking ban in all public indoor areas along with most other western European countries. Please read more here

Tipping (restaurant/taxis)

Service fee is included in the price and you are not expected to tip, but leave a small tip if you feel you have been treated well

Telephone - code for Denmark

The Danish international code is +45

Map - Copenhagen City

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