Welcome to Copenhagen

Geographic Information is now applied everywhere and the neighbouring domains are about to understand the full potential of geographic information.
The international standardization process of geodata has gone forward in nearly 25 years and the systematic reviews of the first basic geo-standards are in good progress.
The cost of construction and future climate protection projects can be reduced if open and free STANDARDIZED data is available to be combined, and used for planning, design, operation and maintenance of the society's values.
The Internet of things, indoor infrastructure and smart cities as well as autonomous vehicles are on the way and must be able to adapt into the present society.

The Copenhagen meeting will create one of many starting points for further development and integration between the standardization domains. TC 211 Geographic Information makes it possible to pave the way for this development.

Denmark wishes you all a very warm welcome to Copenhagen in May 2018.

ISO/TC211 meeting, 28 May - 1 June 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark


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